Iron Lion Lookbook: Tattoo Artist Tara D'Agostino in American Woman Snapback

To celebrate the upcoming holiday and the arrival of Summer we're happy to reveal the Iron Lion Lookbook. Featuring Tara D'Agostino, owner of Iron Lion Tattoo located in Cranston, Rhode Island, the lookbook was shot on an average day for Tara: waiting for and tattooing one of her many clients. In this blog we show a couple great shots from the photo shoot that weren't included in the final lookbook.


(click image to see full lookbook)


Opening Iron Lion Tattoo in 2010 was the culmination of years of passion for tattooing and fine art for Tara. By 15, she had convinced her parents into allowing her to get her first tattoo. Through high school she hung around at local tattoo studios observing the trade and at 19 she began her formal tattoo apprenticeship while finishing up her college education. In 2007 she became licensed to tattoo and worked at a well known studio, solidifying the foundation to begin working for herself.


(click image to see full lookbook)


With her unique individual style and her positive and motivated attitude, Tara is an excellent model for the American Woman snapback and perfect ambassador for our brand.  Although she is especially skilled in black and grey tattooing and also tattoos vivid color pieces in all colors, Tara's favorite color is obvious once you see her photos and the background setting of her creatively designed Iron Lion Tattoo shop. We'd like to thank Tara and Iron Lion Tattoo for collaborating with us and we're excited to soon be bringing Iron Lion Snapbacks to the shop!


Please visit Iron Lion Tattoo's official website and add the shop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you're in the Rhode Island area and are interested in possibly getting a tattoo, contact Tara herself by e-mail or phone the shop at 1.401.228.7669 to start a creative dialogue about a custom drawn tattoo to suit your own needs.

Written by Justin Holmander — June 28, 2014

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Schoolzonehats Now Available On Subgrown



We're happy to announce that Schoolzonehats snapbacks are now available on the streetwear and art marketplace Subgrown!


Subgrown was started by members of the Streetwear subreddit community of popular member-driven news site Reddit. Intended to give smaller and independent brands involved in the streetwear community additional exposure on both Reddit and the the web, Subgrown also focuses on bringing brands together from around the world and welcomes brands that ship internationally like ourselves.



We're happy to be involved in this new marketplace and look forward to the increased reach it gives our brand. Check out the Schoolzonehats section on the site and please browse the other brands being sold on the site, most of which are based in the U.S. but also check out the Subgrown brands based in Canada, Australia, and China. 

Written by Justin Holmander — June 26, 2014

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Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent at 50 Cent's Birthday Bash


Schoolzonehats Boxer Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent will be back in the ring at 50 Cent Birthday Bash special edition ESPN Friday Night Fights on July 2nd! Coming off a recent dominant victory at Mohegan Sun which brought Shelito out of a six month plus absence from the ring, Shelly's back at it in this huge ESPN televised event promoted by 50 Cent's SMS Promotions. She will rematch against Nydia Feliciano who she last fought in 2013.


In a recent interview with Pattee Mak of Shelly described how tenaciously she's been seeking a bout with undefeated Heather "The Heat" Hardy who sits just below Shelito in women's boxing rankings at numbers 2 and 3. Hardy's most recent fight at Barclay's Center against Jackie Trivilino ended in a strange and controversial decision in Hardy's favor which left the crowd and multiple members of the media covering the fight in an uproar. In post fight comments, Trivilino strongly suggested that the decision was unfair and made to favor the hometown favorite Hardy. With an ice pack covering a badly damaged eye, Hardy said "I'm totally willing to do anything.. that my promoter tells me to do."


As Shelly also describes in the interview, she has been training extremely hard as of late and feels as strong as ever. She has been training in Hardy's neck of the woods: Brooklyn. As well as at Cronan's Gym The Fitness Factory as featured in the previous video we filmed with her, and of course she's still training as hard as ever with one of the industry's best Peter Manfredo Sr. 


Watch recent footage from Manfredo's Boxing Sports Fitness below. Best viewed in 720p. 


Written by Justin Holmander — June 23, 2014

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OnPointGear Brand Showcase - Schoolzonehats

Upcoming streetwear YouTube channel OnPointGear recently featured four Schoolzonehats snapbacks on their video SchoolZoneHats - Brand Showcase 2014. OnPointGear focuses on featuring both new and upcoming brands but also contains enough variety to keep the channel interesting to it's viewers with pickup videos, mystery box unboxing videos, hauls and vlogs. 

Watch the Schoolzonehats Brand Showcase below in which Omar from OnPointGear talks about American Woman, UGOT SCHOOLED, Mayan King and Polar Bear snapbacks. Best watched in 720p HD.

We'd like to thank Omar for his kind words about the brand and the descriptive video featuring our current collection. Use the promo code "OnPointGear" for 20% off your order for a limited time.
Please subscribe to OnPointGear and follow the OnPointGear Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Justin Holmander — June 20, 2014

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Schoolzonehats MC Lil Jsean Releases Yellow Tape EP!

The wait is over! Schoolzonehats MC Lil Jsean has released his highly anticipated Yellow Tape EP.

The 5 track Yellow Tape EP is anchored by the energetic single Winners Circle inspired by Schoolzonehats MMA fighter Brennan Ward "The Irish Bad Boy" which saw huge success when it was released with over 100,000 listens on SoundCloud. Lil Jsean exhibits the rapid evolution of his skills in this EP along with features by fellow Houston MC Le$ on Waiting Room Music and Lil Jsean's talented younger sister Aesja on the EP's first track Trust 'Em. Rozart, Elite Producers, and Street Empire provide great production work to complete the project and give fans and newcomers to Lil Jsean a series of anthems to ride to this Summer.

Preview Yellow Tape EP below and please purchase on iTunes or Google Play.

Keep an eye out for the UGOT SCHOOLED Snapback Lookbook featuring Lil Jsean coming soon!



Twitter: @liljsean_

Instagram: @liljsean

Written by Justin Holmander — June 17, 2014

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Shelly Vincent "Shelito's Way" Featured in The Ring Magazine


The "Bible of Boxing" The Ring Magazine just released their July issue with a full feature of Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent! (Pictured above in limited edition Schoolzonehats x Shelito's Way snapback) this feature is great exposure for Shelly and helps set her up for a break out year in 2014.

Titled "To Hell And Back" the feature outlines Shelly's real life story that could eclipse even the most heart-wrenching boxing movie script. In an industry where some competitors are trying to embellish the story of their personal struggles to make themselves more marketable, Shelly is telling the true story of her past and how she's overcome enormous challenges to get where she is today.

The article describes Shelly's youth, during which she endured extremely difficult circumstances, including losing her mother at a young age who made Shelly promise that she wouldn't stop boxing. It also talks about how she went on to battle the effects of her tumultous youth, landing her in jail and how she fought away all the negativity by focusing on boxing. Lastly, the article discusses how Shelly has turned her life around into a positive direction by giving back to her community.

Find and buy your copy of the July The Ring Magazine by entering your zip code and "the ring" at to read the full details and about other topics, including how the overwhelming support of her fans got Shelly to return from retirement and her intense rivalry with Heather "The Heat" Hardy.

Written by Justin Holmander — June 06, 2014

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Streetwear marketing network focuses on exhibiting new brands to strengthen the community of streetwear companies on the rise and help expose them to new audiences. Dopify recently published the following about Schoolzonehats.


Featured: Schoolzonehats



Based in Rhode Island, hot and up-and-coming headwear brand Schoolzonehats uses a very unique approach to streetwear design with their "Inspired Snapbacks," which have gotten the brand some much deserved hype in the New England area and orders as far away as Singapore and Australia. 

Each hat Schoolzonehats releases is fully designed with original art to tell its own story, giving a new perspective on the meaning of the brand. Particularly noteworthy about their products is their use of some cutting-edge embroidery applications, photo-realistic sublimation graphics, and really impressive hat interiors used to bring across each of these stories.

Another way Schoolzonehats is set apart in the crowded streetwear market is their diverse team of sponsored talent, in which each individual's passion helps to further spread the brand and define it's message. Schoolzonehats sponsors two MC's, Houston MC Lil Jsean and Bay Area MC MsGetActive (pictured above in a Mayan King snapback), a Bellator MMA fighter, a WIBA champion women's boxer, a BMX rider, and even two a two car auto-racing team!


We appreciate the feature from Dopify and hope to stay in touch with them and the other brands they feature. Please check out their site at where you can subscribe to their newsletter to learn about hot upcoming streetwear brands. Also, please follow the Dopify Instagram.

Written by Justin Holmander — June 03, 2014

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Shelly Vincent "Shelito's Way" Strength & Conditioning GoPro Edit

Today Schoolzonehats undefeated women's boxer and WIBA Champion posted the Shelito Vincent Strength & Conditioning GoPro Edit.

Filmed in a single day in Cronan's Gym The Fitness Factory one week before her fight at CES Boxing at Mohegan Sun Arena, this video gives you an idea of how hard Shelly trains to be at the top of her game. This video doesn't include a workout at her boxing gym later the same day!

Watch the video below in 1080p

Previous blog entry about Shelly's upcoming fight: Shelly Vincent "Shelito's Way" Headed Back To The Ring!

Written by Justin Holmander — May 25, 2014

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Houston MC Lil Jsean Releases First Single From The Highly Anticipated Yellow Tape

Schoolzonehats is proud to announce the release of the first single "Winners Circle" from Houston MC Lil Jsean's highly anticipated release Yellow Tape which will be available on iTunes and Google Play on June 15th.


(Click play button above to listen to Winners Circle)


The hot new single Winners Circle was inspired by Schoolzonehats Bellator MMA fighter Brennan Ward "The Irish Bad Boy" who in his first entry in the Bellator MMA tournament ripped through the competition with a series of first round finishes for a shot at the Middleweight Championship. This marks the first time two members of the Schoolzonehats Team have collaborated in this way and we love it!

In less than a week, Winners Circle has been listened to over 70,000 times on! Making this Lil Jsean's most popular song yet by far and showing that his and his teams' hard work is beginning to pay off. Lil Jsean has provided the soundtrack to nearly all of our Schoolzonehats YouTube edits including the song SICK 'EM ft. Roy Dale in The Irish Bad Boy MMA Training edit.

Check out Lil Jsean's music off his previous releases FLIGHT and Black Friday at Lil Jsean Soundcloud and stay prepared for what is sure to be a project full of bangers for Summer 2014 "Yellow Tape" dropping June 15th.

Be sure to follow Jsean's social networking and for all Lil Jsean news check out his website LILJSEAN.NET


Twitter: @liljsean_

Instagram: @liljsean

Written by Justin Holmander — May 19, 2014

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Shelly Vincent "Shelito's Way" Headed Back To The Ring!

After a hiatus of over six months and a brief stint in retirement..
Schoolzonehats' own Shelly Vincent "Shelito's Way" is back!


Shelly looks to improve her undefeated record to 11-0 in CES Boxing at Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT on Saturday May 31st. If you are not yet familiar with Shelly, expect to be soon. The New London, CT native is set to burst into the boxing scene limelight this year with a full feature in "The Bible of Boxing" the Ring Magazine. 

Shelly's story is very inspiring and motivational. She has overcome enormous challenges in her life by using the boxing ring as an outlet as she recently described during an interview with Christopher Annino and her appearance on the webcast MusicFeenRadio show. With her constant efforts to give back to her community and magnetic personality, Shelly is a perfect ambassador for our brand. We're extremely proud to have been sponsoring her and are in awe of her accomplishments as she's proven herself to be a top contender in women's boxing in national and international rankings. 

In the Connecticut and Rhode Island area contact Shelly and her management via her Facebook Fan page for tickets starting at $40 for what is sure to prove to be an action packed fight by Shelly as always and a stacked card for a great night of boxing at one of the region's premiere venues. Also, get your hands on the limited edition Schoolzonehats x Shelito's Way Italian flag logo snapback to show your support!

Written by Justin Holmander — May 15, 2014

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Twitter: @schoolzonehats