In this final entry in the Making of a Schoolzonehats Snapback blog series we reveal the UGOT SCHOOLED snapback underbrim art. The underbrim and interior are always the last two elements we design in the making of one of our hats. For this hat in particular our concept for the interior was to give the wearer the perspective of the world's deadliest fish. Not an easy task. 

We chose this high-res image of the water's surface..from a shark's perspective. As we write this blog, the final UGOT SCHOOLED snapbacks are coming out of production and will soon be on their way to us to be put for sale in our catalog. We have one final product in hand and it looks amazing, especially the graphic above. There's truly nothing else like it out there. 

We're extremely excited to get these out to you! Stay tuned to this blog and our social networking feeds for exact availability date.

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Written by Justin Holmander — November 16, 2013

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