Streetwear marketing network focuses on exhibiting new brands to strengthen the community of streetwear companies on the rise and help expose them to new audiences. Dopify recently published the following about Schoolzonehats.


Featured: Schoolzonehats



Based in Rhode Island, hot and up-and-coming headwear brand Schoolzonehats uses a very unique approach to streetwear design with their "Inspired Snapbacks," which have gotten the brand some much deserved hype in the New England area and orders as far away as Singapore and Australia. 

Each hat Schoolzonehats releases is fully designed with original art to tell its own story, giving a new perspective on the meaning of the brand. Particularly noteworthy about their products is their use of some cutting-edge embroidery applications, photo-realistic sublimation graphics, and really impressive hat interiors used to bring across each of these stories.

Another way Schoolzonehats is set apart in the crowded streetwear market is their diverse team of sponsored talent, in which each individual's passion helps to further spread the brand and define it's message. Schoolzonehats sponsors two MC's, Houston MC Lil Jsean and Bay Area MC MsGetActive (pictured above in a Mayan King snapback), a Bellator MMA fighter, a WIBA champion women's boxer, a BMX rider, and even two a two car auto-racing team!


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Written by Justin Holmander — June 03, 2014

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