The "Bible of Boxing" The Ring Magazine just released their July issue with a full feature of Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent! (Pictured above in limited edition Schoolzonehats x Shelito's Way snapback) this feature is great exposure for Shelly and helps set her up for a break out year in 2014.

Titled "To Hell And Back" the feature outlines Shelly's real life story that could eclipse even the most heart-wrenching boxing movie script. In an industry where some competitors are trying to embellish the story of their personal struggles to make themselves more marketable, Shelly is telling the true story of her past and how she's overcome enormous challenges to get where she is today.

The article describes Shelly's youth, during which she endured extremely difficult circumstances, including losing her mother at a young age who made Shelly promise that she wouldn't stop boxing. It also talks about how she went on to battle the effects of her tumultous youth, landing her in jail and how she fought away all the negativity by focusing on boxing. Lastly, the article discusses how Shelly has turned her life around into a positive direction by giving back to her community.

Find and buy your copy of the July The Ring Magazine by entering your zip code and "the ring" at to read the full details and about other topics, including how the overwhelming support of her fans got Shelly to return from retirement and her intense rivalry with Heather "The Heat" Hardy.

Written by Justin Holmander — June 06, 2014

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