To celebrate the upcoming holiday and the arrival of Summer we're happy to reveal the Iron Lion Lookbook. Featuring Tara D'Agostino, owner of Iron Lion Tattoo located in Cranston, Rhode Island, the lookbook was shot on an average day for Tara: waiting for and tattooing one of her many clients. In this blog we show a couple great shots from the photo shoot that weren't included in the final lookbook.


(click image to see full lookbook)


Opening Iron Lion Tattoo in 2010 was the culmination of years of passion for tattooing and fine art for Tara. By 15, she had convinced her parents into allowing her to get her first tattoo. Through high school she hung around at local tattoo studios observing the trade and at 19 she began her formal tattoo apprenticeship while finishing up her college education. In 2007 she became licensed to tattoo and worked at a well known studio, solidifying the foundation to begin working for herself.


(click image to see full lookbook)


With her unique individual style and her positive and motivated attitude, Tara is an excellent model for the American Woman snapback and perfect ambassador for our brand.  Although she is especially skilled in black and grey tattooing and also tattoos vivid color pieces in all colors, Tara's favorite color is obvious once you see her photos and the background setting of her creatively designed Iron Lion Tattoo shop. We'd like to thank Tara and Iron Lion Tattoo for collaborating with us and we're excited to soon be bringing Iron Lion Snapbacks to the shop!


Please visit Iron Lion Tattoo's official website and add the shop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you're in the Rhode Island area and are interested in possibly getting a tattoo, contact Tara herself by e-mail or phone the shop at 1.401.228.7669 to start a creative dialogue about a custom drawn tattoo to suit your own needs.

Written by Justin Holmander — June 28, 2014



Tara you are a true artist!!!!

September 03 2016 at 04:09 PM

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