The good news...

Now til 2013 we're going to be shipping all U.S. orders for free with the promo code HOLIDAYS. We also have a brand new hat ready for release this weekend ORIGINAL 2. We're recommending that everyone put in their Christmas orders before December 21st (The Mayan Apocalypse) 

The bad news...has to do with the Mayan Apocalypse

We have been rushing the MAYAN KING hat through concept/design/manufacturing since early this year because we were trying to get it on people's heads by Dec 21st. 

Rushing and striving for perfection never go hand-in-hand. 

We have been informed that we will not receive the MAYAN KING hats until mid January. Because putting an excellent hat on your head is more important than getting it on your head by a certain date, we refused to cut any corners on making sure the hat was just right and this has caused us to go beyond our estimated delivery date.

We've informed everyone who pre-ordered the hat of the delay. 

If you have any questions e-mail us at

Written by Justin Holmander — December 05, 2012

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