We've been extremely busy working on new product and upcoming sponsorships. 

AMERICAN WOMAN snapback is about 3/4 designed at this point we just need to put a couple more pieces of art together for it and the spec can go over to the manufacturer. It's a a few months out at this point but we're really excited because we truly think it's going to be a phenomenon this Summer.

We're working on putting together a bunch of really diverse and exciting sponsorships. The sponsorships run a whole range of different things from a HipHop act we think is perfect for our brand, a Youtube comedy show, a very high prospected MMA fighter, we're even working on sponsoring a race car. 

Stay tuned to this blog, our twitter and facebook group. We've been a little quiet lately but a whole bunch of new stuff is about to drop over the coming weeks.

Thanks again for the support! We've been getting tons of positive feedback from all the social networks.

Written by Justin Holmander — January 23, 2013

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