We've been working a lot lately on optimizing the site for the web and making it easier to share our snapbacks and content with your friends and followers on social networking. We will soon be working on a blog series called "Making Of A SCHOOL ZONE Snapback" which will bring our fans through the process of making a hat we plan to release in August of this year.

We recently added a social sharing application called 'Add This' to the site, you'll now see this at the bottom of each page: 

Add This let's you share almost any page on our site on any social network you've ever heard of and some you haven't. If you mouse over the Share button it will open a box showing lesser know networks like Pinterest. You can also subscribe to the blog by clicking the text at the bottom and comment on each blog entry by clicking add a comment. 

As always, hit us with an e-mail with any feedback or ideas. 

Written by Justin Holmander — March 03, 2013

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