This is the first entry in a blog series called "Making of a SCHOOL ZONE Snapback" which will bring our fans and customers through the process of making one of our hats from original concept, all the way to final production. This blog series will give you a chance to give your feedback along the way, and maybe even some input on what the final product will be like. We wanted to give our customers an opportunity to experience and be part of what sets SCHOOL ZONE apart from our competitors.

In 2006, when we first started throwing around the term SCHOOL ZONE it was very clear to us what it meant. To give others the idea of what SCHOOL ZONE was all about, we created a couple images to get the point across. One of these was an image of a Great White shark airborne with a seal clenched in it's teeth, SCHOOLED written below in blue. This image came to mind came back recently when we were trying to come up with a concept for a snapback to be released in August of this year. 

This snapback will be called UGOT SCHOOLED and will be the second hat in Beast Series, the first hat in which is called Polar Bear. Over the next few weeks we will bring you along as we refine this concept and turn it into a hat that we're excited to see on your head late summer 2013! Below you can watch the video clip that inspired it all. Stay tuned! 

Written by Justin Holmander — March 06, 2013

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