In this second entry in "Making of a SCHOOL ZONE Snapback" blog series we want to explain where each cap starts: the initial concept. In the last entry, we posted a video of Great White sharks jumping in the air for seals, which was one of the first images we ever associated with the brand. All of our hats are created based around their own theme, each theme giving a new perspective on the meaning of SCHOOL ZONE and the UGOT SCHOOLED Snapback is no different. UGOT SCHOOLED will be the second hat in Beast Series, the first in which Polar Bear is coming very soon!

Beside our dedication to our customers and to producing high quality products, the main distinction between our hats and other brands is the well thought out concept for each. To us, this is the most enjoyable part of creating the hat because it's how we bring the brand to life in the minds of our fans. 

This process starts by focusing on what we're trying to portray with the hat and brainstorming ideas. All the ideas are mashed together in a collage of sorts and over time, this collage develops into a vision of what we want the resulting snapback to look like. Below you see an actual collage of most of the ideas that are going into UGOT SCHOOLED. We have a pretty good idea of what we want this hat to look like but before we physically draw anything or get too far into design, we want to give our fans a chance to submit their input and ideas and how they might envision the final product. 

Please leave your ideas in the comments section on this blog below or you can e-mail us. We're looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Written by Justin Holmander — March 15, 2013

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