By this third entry in "Making of a SCHOOL ZONE Snapback" blog series, the UGOT SCHOOLED snapback is starting to take shape. We had a few great ideas generated from our previous two entries and brainstorming sessions regarding how we'd bring all the concepts we want to put into this product together and we've settled on the overall look of the snapback.

We think the best way to bring alive the experience of being on the water and watching a 15+ foot shark jump clear out of the water and clamp down on a seal with thousands of pounds of force is with a hat someone would wear on the deck of a boat. 

In true SCHOOL ZONE fashion we're not going to parody just any hat worn on the deck of a boat, but the baseball hat that would be worn by the commander of one of the most fearsome boats in the ocean: A U.S. nuclear submarine. 

Below is a shot from the exact shark breach we're trying to replicate with the front embroidery on this hat. Next to it is a "ship cap" of the USS Jimmy Carter. One of the U.S. naval fleets most advanced submarines. Over the next couple weeks we will be creating the art to hybrid these two images to form the front embroidery of the UGOT SCHOOLED snapback.


Next is a shot from a later part of the same breach where the great white shark is splashing back down in the water. Next to it is a picture of another naval design cap which has two oak leaf branches on the brim. These oak leaves, referred to many as "scrambled eggs" denote the the wearer is a naval officer. Once we design the front of this snapback we will be designing our own "splashing shark" brim embroidery.

The latest info on our other snapbacks:

We expect to take delivery of the highly anticipated Polar Bear snapbacks this weekend and will have them available for sale as soon as possible. Our American Woman sample will be done very soon and we're hoping to have it available for pre-order some time later this month. The decals for our SCHOOL ZONE x American Woman race car scheme are complete and we plan to have them on the car racing around the track this month!

Written by Justin Holmander — April 01, 2013

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