As some of our fans may know, each of our snapbacks released is part of a series. Original 1,2 and 3 are all part of Logo Series. Mayan King was the first hat in Ruler Series, and the upcoming Polar Bear is the first in Beast Series.

Each series reflects the brand in it's own way. Logo Series uses our original SCHOOL ZONE logo art either in the sign form as seen on here on Original or in a modified way as will be seen on the upcoming American Woman snapback (artwork featured on our sponsored  #59 U.S. Legends race car)  Ruler Series uses the images and other art associated with the dominance of ancient rulers and kings who were revered by their people as gods or demi-gods. We plan on our final release of 2013 being the second hat in Ruler Series.

Polar Bear, which releases very soon and our hat currently in design UGOT SCHOOLED are both part of Beast Series which features art and fiction associated with extremely deadly animals. Polar Bear will be available for sale in about a week and we expect UGOT SCHOOLED late Summer. 

We plan on introducing once more new series this year and most of 2014 will be focused on delivering awesome new designs to fill out the four series. 

Written by Justin Holmander — April 07, 2013

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