We're extremely excited to finally be shipping out the highly anticipated Polar Bear Snapback!

We were trying to get this hat out as soon as we could because we were seeing a huge amount of interest from everyone who we explained the concept of to and showed pre-production art to so it's great for us to finally have them available to our fans.

Check out the product photos closely to see all the detail that was put into the hat's construction. From the individually embroidered sharp teeth on the bear, to the wrap-around red slash embroidery, all the way down to the descriptive map inside the hat with readable text, we're very happy with how this hat came out and we think this interior is going to be tough to beat on our future products. 

If you're interested in knowing more about the concepts behind the art that went into this hat check out the Polar Bear Info Page. We hope you love this new design and look forward to sending them out to you. 

Stay tuned for a special scenery shot we're putting together for this hat, a sponsored lookbook similar to the MsGetActive x Mayan King Lookbook , and some other really exciting and unique plans we have to promote the hat. 


Written by Justin Holmander — April 19, 2013

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