At SCHOOL ZONE we design our snapbacks one by one and focus on making each hat tell it's own story. If you compare our first themed hat Mayan King to our second themed hat Polar Bear, you'll notice that each has original art specific to the product throughout. Making these limited edition snapback hats extremely unique. 

When you purchase, wear, and show people our hats we want the experience to be something beyond just what any other hat offers. We want you to own something that spurs your creativity, starts conversations, and gives you a new perspective on our brand. If you want to take the time to read more about the artwork that goes into your hat, each has it's own art info page but we also leave some elements out of these descriptions to give you something to explore on your own. 

Not only are our snapbacks different in their artistic content but their construction and materials are something very unique among baseball caps. The main physical difference between our hats and those of our competitors is the interior. We've found that the interior of our hats is what really blows people away when they see them in person. Below is a zoom-in on the interior of our most recent release Polar Bear. Look closely and check out the map that wraps around the interior of this hat. The North Pole sits below the button, all the continents snowed-over, Polar Bear population map with readable text naming each region, inflated population numbers written in red and their migration routes shown by large red arrows. Also, the product-specific interior taping with SCHOOL ZONE logos and bear icons, something very rarely seen in a baseball hat. 

We're very proud of how the interior of this hat came out in the final Polar Bear product and we know it is going to be tough to beat, but we have some tricks up or sleeve for our next hat: 'American Woman'

Written by Justin Holmander — April 29, 2013

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