We couldn't have been more proud to see our Polar Bear snapback on the head of our own sponsored Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent as her hand was raised by the referee declaring her as the winner and new WIBA Champion at CES New Era on May 17th!

We began sponsoring Shelly and met her in person for the first time while she was putting in the final work to prepare for this important fight. Shelito is an excellent ambassador for the SCHOOL ZONE brand because she has a tenacious work ethic, overcomes any and all adversity in her path, she selflessly gives back to her community, and she wears lots of snapbacks!

Re-live the intensity of the 8th and final round of Shelito's WIBA title fight from her corner below. Also check out her YouTube page which now features everything from the weigh in all the way to the victory announcement!

Read Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent's  Biography at

Follow her social networking: Facebook Fan PageTwitter and Instagram.

Written by Justin Holmander — May 24, 2013

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