By the time of this fourth entry in "Making of a SCHOOL ZONE Snapback" blog series we have submitted the specifications to our manufacturer and they are doing their best to bring the very first UGOT SCHOOLED snapback to life! 

All of the art has been created for this hat and we have the promotional stickers on the way which will be shipping out with American Woman snapback orders. We're extremely excited to reveal this hat in it's entirety because it uses some really unique art and applications to bring this breaching great white shark concept to life. 

The below image is the original outline drawing by Mike Macavoy of the breaching great white shark which will serve as the main logo of the UGOT SCHOOLED snapback. Take special note of two familiar figures hidden in the splash. Since this original drawing was made it has been edited, colored, and is currently being digitized into a highly detailed embroidery for the front of the hat. 

Check out the past three entries in this blog series to get the full picture and look out for new entries coming soon which will further reveal this design!

Entry 1: Making of a SCHOOL ZONE Snapback
Entry 2: Initial Concept
Entry 3: Taking Shape

Written by Justin Holmander — July 22, 2013

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