We're very happy to announce that Schoolzonehats snapbacks are now available at a brick-and-mortar retail location for the first time!

Sneaker Junkies, located at 290 Thayer Street, Providence, Rhode Island which was established in 2007, is one of New England's best spots for rare streetwear, sneakers, and now SCHOOL ZONE snapbacks! 

We had projected selling via our webstore only until 2014 but now that we are approaching the one year anniversary of and moving into a new phase of the brand we felt the timing was right for our hats to be sold in their first retail location.

Sneaker Junkies is a perfect spot for our hats to make their retail debut. Located in a neighborhood called College Hill, very close two world-renowned higher learning institutions: Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, Sneaker Junkies' Thayer Street shopping strip location is very well known in the area and is highly trafficked by a very diverse crowd, mainly of forward-thinking young people. Sneaker Junkies is also known the be frequented by professional athletes looking for the hottest streetwear gear. 

We'd like to thank Sneaker Junkies owners Bilal and Maher for collaborating with us to sell our unique snapbacks. Please follow the Sneaker Junkies Twitter and Instagram and check out our snapbacks there today!

Written by Justin Holmander — October 20, 2013

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