As with any symbol, the Schoolzonehats logo is open to interpretation. It's intended to be a motivational symbol, to stand for the drive to get after what you want. We use the design of our hats to explore it's meaning further.

Why Hats? 

We're very passionate about hats and are bringing a new perspective to headwear and streetwear in general. One by one, our hats are thoroughly designed inside and out to reflect a single theme. Each theme inspired by a new take on the meaning of the brand. Every hat design is approached as it's own project, and tells it's own story.

Our hats are designed far in advance to assure nothing is rushed and to release a final product consistent with the initial vision. The hats are released in limited quantities and are only available direct through us and at local retail locations. This enables us to release a high-quality and unique product at a competitive price.

Who Are We?

The brand was created by Justin Holmander in 2006 and the original logo was carefully created by Kris Carlson.
The art for our first two themed hats Mayan King and Polar Bear was created by Stan Sykes.

SCHOOL ZONE, LLC operates out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island. The business was officially organized in January 2012. Our online store went live on November 23rd, 2012.

The most important part of Schoolzonehats is you, our customers and fans. The ultimate goal of our business is to create hats that you enjoy wearing and are excited to show other people. We think that the best way to do that is to involve you and keep you informed in current product development and aware of upcoming releases. Customer feedback and involvement is very important so we're creating and keeping active in an online community through which customers can give their own feedback and interact with us through this website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.




Twitter: @schoolzonehats