On Independence Day 2012, before had even launched, we posted an American flag motif version of the female character from our original SCHOOL ZONE logo accompanied by a "Happy 4th of July!" message. We got great feedback on this logo from our friends and fans of the brand, some began calling it "American Woman" and the name stuck. When it came time to begin design on a hat to be released during the heart of our first Summer as a company, it felt only right to use this logo and name. American Woman, which is the 4th hat in the Logo Series, is our first hat style to be inspired by our fans. It was carefully designed in the spirit of the song of the same name. 


Confidently standing alone on the front of her hat is the American Woman. The outline was taken from our original logo drawn by Kris Carlson and colored in with the stars and stripes from our current U.S. flag. We are confident that this American Woman snapback will be one of our best selling styles and are excited to ship them around our great country and internationally to represent our own SCHOOL ZONE slice of Americana worldwide.  


On the left side of the hat is our own version of the coat of arms of the United States. The shield and eagle with outstretched wings have been left mostly unchanged. In the U.S. coat of arms, the eagle holds an olive branch in the talon on the left and a bundle of arrows in the talon on the right, together symbolizing the United States' desire for peace but readiness for war. Here we represent our own symbolism with a party cup and bundle of cash. Our eagle holds a SCHOOL ZONE scroll in it's beak and overhead, thirteen stars are within a sign shaped cloud. 


Concealed in ghosted embroidery on the back of the hat is our parody image of the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. Many have raised suspicion of a sinister intent within the Great Seal reverse symbol because of it's Masonic symbolism, "all-seeing eye" atop the pyramid, and bottom banner which translates: new world order. Within our version we have hidden our own messages. Sitting above the sign shaped all-seeing eye, the Latin text translates "Get schooled". At the base of the pyramid the year has been changed to MMVI, the year of the beginning of SCHOOL ZONE (2006). The banner translates "New order of school".  


The overall construction of the American Woman snapback was intended to closely mimic the form and materials of genuine U.S. flags and the hat's underbrim uses the circular star pattern as seen on Betsy Ross flags flown during the American Revolution. A flat weave cotton was sourced especially for this limited run of snapbacks for both it's light weight and similarity to the weave used to construct Revolutionary flags. Each stripe on the brim of this hat is an individual patch and each star has been carefully embroidered to recreate the embroidery of stars on a flag. Atop the hat are six brass-look eyelets to recreate the grommets which securely hold American flags waving in strong winds. 


Throughout the interior of the hat on both the sweatband and the taping is a photo-realistic sublimation print of the the preamble (introduction) of the iconic American document: The United States Constitution. Starting with the well-known words "We The People", this is the portion of the Constitution that many U.S. school teachers have forced their students to memorize. This document serves as the supreme law of the United States and the outlines the founding fathers' true original intentions for the fledgling nation. 

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